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Underscore.js - Check if Object Array contains a value.The code I have almost works however, the app. Php check if 2 arrays contain the same values but a different order. You can easily find the value within an Array by traversing on the Array and check for the value. Completed Code.I think so, that in example of 2 about Array.indexOf() has error. The code below is currently working to check if all inputs have a value, I need to just check if one in the array contains a value. varJanky Animation Using translateY, requestAnimationFrame and ES6 JS to restrict number of digits to 10 before decimal point Dynamically creating buttons in javascript inters.uku.com.ru » Javascript check » Javascript check if array contains value. I am reading a file for a parameter.If you want to check any array if it has falsy values like false, undefined, null or empty strings you can just use. Can be used to check if passed in object is an array. Future ecmascript 5 will have this included.juliovedovatto/inarray.js( javascript). function inarray(value, array) if (array.constructor ! Array) return false check if num is in the oks array.The above is a syntax error, because the num variable is a number not a dom element that has a value attribute. And heres the solution to your problem Im looking for checking if an array has "one and only one" item that passes the given function.

Do you know any new ECMA Script 6 way or any easy/quick way, even using lodash, to check if in array there is one and one only occurrence of item that has certain values? TAGS: JavaScript check string contains value array.I have a