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This might have been as far as youve gotten if you jumped right in doing some graphics programming with pygame.All of these functions can also accept a simple tuple of 4 elements (left, top, width, height).The pygame.image module has a load() function which will do what we want. b pygame.sprite.Sprite() create sprite b.image pygame.image.load("ball.png").convert() load image b.rect b.image.getrect() use image extent values b.rect.

topleft [xpos, ypos] put the ball in the top left corner screen.blit(b. image, b.rect) slow 0. def gravity(y): global height return 0 return To access width for instance, you would do: surface.getsize()[0] and for height surface.getsize()[1]. The second method is to use getwidth(), and get height(), which return the width and the height. I suggest going through the python tutorial, to learn more about basic data structures such as tuples. You dont need the width and height, as the entire image will be displayed.

If you run the same program from the last section, but with the above changes, you should see the followingget all the user events. for event in pygame.event.get(): if the user wants to quit. bigportion self.image.subsurface(self.image.getclip()). newsurface pygame.Surface((rect.width, rect.height), pygame.SRCALPHA, 32).convertalpha().for sprite in self.sprites(): sx, sy sprite.rect.topleft Only the sprites defined width and height will be drawn area pygame.Rect((0, 0) Im trying to get the snake to rotate to face the direction its moving and have collision detection. How can I do it? Also why does it say TypeError: pygame.Surface object is not callable?self.image pygame.Surface((width,height)). while 1: Основной цикл программы. for e in pygame.event.get(): Обрабатываем события.self.image.fill(Color(PLATFORMCOLOR)). self.rect Rect(x, y, PLATFORMWIDTH, PLATFORM HEIGHT). Тут нет ни чего нам уже не знакомого, идём дальше. height background.getheight(). The image that I loaded with my "load()" class is set to the variable "bg" and I want to use the size of whatever I load as "bg" to determine the size of the window. If you try to move background pygame.image.load(bg).convert(). Draw images with pygame. 605. Get user input from pygame.self.position[1] - self.image.getheight(). Stop movement off the bottom of the screen. def StartMoveUp(self): Start the cheese moving up self.movingUp True. Thanks to Pygame, theres a quick and easy method to get the dimensions of an image. You just have to load it into a Surface and use the Surface methods get height() and getwidth(). gameDisplay pygame.display.setmode((width, height)) pygame.display.setcaption(8Bit Adventure Time!) clock pygame.time.Clock().for event in pygame.event.get()pygame.display.update() the image is supposed to change here, but nothing happens2, lion.getheight() / 2)) set the adjusted image to an image equal to half the size of the original image else: if the right mouse button is not downThis should accomplish what you want. You also might want to add a .convert() after loading the lion image to convert the image to one pygame can !!background pygame.image.load("bckgrnd.bmp")Pygame can handle other formats. !!backgrountRect background. getrect() !!size (width, height) background.getsize() Returns size of image as (x, y) so game screen will be as big as background screen import pygame import math. running True. WIDTH 400 HEIGHT 113. pygame.display.setmode((WIDTH,HEIGHT), pygame.DOUBLEBUF) screen pygame .display.getsurface().self.image.fill(color). А может вообще проблема решится, если ты перейдешь на pygame.display.getsurface(), и не будешь использовать некий screen.screenwidth, screenheight SCREENSIZE for y in range(0, screenheightВ качестве image.jpg брал рисунок размером 640х480. To load the image, we use the pygame.image.load() function, which creates a pygame.Surface object. You can manipulate the pixels of these surfaces (using Surface. getat() and Surface.setatsurf pygame.surfarray.makesurface(pixels) except IndexError: (width, height, colours) pixels.shape. Create surface of (width, height), and its window. mainsurface pygame.display.setmodei used 110 px because its the size of the image, but its better to use the rect property of the pygame.while 1: for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type pygame.QUIT: sys.exit(). pygame.init() screen pygame.display.setmode((WINWIDTH, WINHEIGHT)) Размер экрана robot Sprite(PATHROBOT IMAGE, 400, 300) Создание робота на координатах 0,0. entities pygame.sprite.Group() Все объекты platforms [] то, во что мы будем врезаться или pyGame.mouse.getcursor—Gets the standard cursor image. See the previous item. Get the dimensions of the image width, height texturesurface.get rect().size. pygame. Содержание: display. class Screen((height, width)).(a, b) a - задержка перед первым дублированием, b - задержка между остальными дублированиями pygame.mouse.getposbitmap pygame.image.load(filename) bitmap.setcolorkey((0, 0, 0)). x 0 squaregoright True. image pygame.image.load(file.png).convertalpha(). image будет переменной с нашим изображением. Как и любую переменную, картинку нужно загружать перед игровым циклом (while runningnewimage будет вашей картинкой измененной до размеров width и height.pygame.display.update() while True: for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type pygame.QUIT: pygame.quit() def windowsetSize(width,height)x, y): self.image pygame.image.load(image) imagerect self.image.getrect() Rect class to use "Sprite collision detect" - in the future In rect sizewidth,height640,600 windowpygame.display.setmode(size) pygame.display.setmode createswhile True: when while loop is true for event in pygame.event.get(): event in pygame ifGame Development in Python 3 With PyGame - 3 - Moving an Image - Продолжительность: 9:01 Only (width, height) are obligatory.pygame.Surface.convertalpha. Some images are made for alpha bliting for blending one transparent on opaque one.pygame.Surface.getalpha() returns current surface alpha or None is disabled. pygame.init() screen pygame.display.setmode((640,480), FULLSCREEN) get the size of the fullscreen display x, y screen.getsize(). There is also a pygame.display.Info() call you can print. Pygame Zero Documentation, Release 1.2. The pipeheight variable is used to coordinate the two pipes. Because the gap between them should remain the same, we cant pick both heights randomly.getheight() Returns the height of the image in pixels. Why the image changes size. Surfaces in pygame cant actually be rotated they have a horizontal width and a vertical height.for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type pygame.QUIT: raise SystemExit. Модуль pygame.image позволяет загрузить изображерие из файла и возвращает объект типа Surface.pygame.event.getblocked. — проверить, заблокирован ли тип события из очереди.объект pygame для представления изображений. Surface((width, height), flags0, depth0 import pygame, sys from PIL import Image pygame.init(). def displayImage(screen, px, topleft, prior): ensure that the rect always has positive width, height x, y topleft width pygame.mouse.getpos()[0] - topleft[0] height pygame.mouse.getpos()[1] - topleft[1] if width < 0 pygame.Surface.getoffset. — find the position of a child subsurface inside a parent.This rectangle will always start at 0, 0 with a width. and height the same size as the image. You can pass keyword argument values to this function. We will use something like this: import pygame import pygame.locals. def loadtiletable(filename, width, height): image pygame.image.load(filename).convert() imagewidthclock.tick(15). for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type pygame.locals.QUIT: gameover True. You can instantiate a blank surface by simply calling the Surface constructor with a width and height tuplewhile not done: for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type pygame.QUIT: done True screen.fill((255, 255, 255)) screen.blit( getimage(ball.png), (20, 20)) pygame.display.flip() clock.tick Thread Modes. Pygames image. Strofix Unladen Swallow. Posts: 1 Threads: 1 Joined: May 2017 Reputation: 0 Likes received: 0.Catches user input . Sets keys[key] to True or False. for event in pygame.event.get()Calculating HEIGHT of the line to draw. def loadImages(self, pygame): Get the image we need to draw Fred.66. dimensions self.image.getrect().size 67. self.width dimensions[0] 68. self. height dimensions[1] 69. In Pygame, every 2D object is an object of type Surface. The screen object returned from display.setmode(), each game character, images, etc.getwidth(), getheight(). returns the dimensions of the surface.0, 0, 0 7 8 screen pygame.display.setmode(size) 9 10 ball pygame. image.load("ball.bmp"13 while 1: 14 for event in pygame.event.get(): 15 if event.type pygame.QUIT: sys.exit() < 0 or ballrect.bottom > height: 21 speed[1] -speed[1] 22 23 screen.fill(black) 24 screen.blit(ball x (displaywidth 0.45) y (displayheight 0.8). while not crashed: for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type pygame.QUIT Set the height and width of the screen size [800, 600] screen pygame.display.setmode(size) pygame.display.setcaption("Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-SpockSet background picture background pygame.Surface(screen.getsize()) background pygame.image.load("src/layoutwhitout.jpg" pyGame.mouse.getcursor—Gets the standard cursor image. See the previous item. Get the dimensions of the image width, height texturesurface.get rect().size. screen pygame.display.setmode((width, height)) Initializes and creates the window where your game will run, and returns a Surface, here assigned to the name screen.Surface.getrect() Returns a Rect that will tell you the dimensions and location of the surface. pygame.image.load(filename) pygame.image.getextended Показывает возможность загрузки изображений из файла.Используя конструктор pygame.Surface((width, height)), где width высота изображения, height ширина, создадим пустое изображение, для этого в блок инициализации дописываем Tutorial 1 Getting Started with Pygame. Tutorial 2 Creating Sprites using Pygame. Tutorial 3 How to control your sprites. Set the background color and set it to be transparent. self.image pygame.Surface([width, height]). class Block(pygame.sprite.Sprite): """This class represents each block that will get knocked out by the ball It derives from the "Sprite" class in Pygame """.The width and height are sent as a list for the first parameter. self. image pygame.Surface([blockwidth, blockheight]) . background pygame.image.load(media/imgbackgournd.jpg) screen pygame.display.setmode(background.getsize()) screen.blit(background, (0, 0)). Работа с прямоугольниками и текстом. Прямоугольники служат для выбора части поверхностей x image.getwidth(). background pygame.Surface(inventorybox.getsize()). background.fill(self.background).Im assuming width and height are the same. — save an image to disk. pygame.image.getextended.This function takes arguments similar to pygame.image.tostring(). The size argument is a pair of numbers representing the width and height. screen pygame.display.setmode( (width, height ) ). pygame.display.setcaption(clicked on image). redSquare pygame.image.load("images/red-square.

png" Set the x, y postions of the mouse click. x, y event.pos. if redSquare. getrect().collidepoint(x, y): print(clicked on image). From what Ive seen of pygame the following code should move the image up(the only possible movement right now).DISPLAYSURFACE pygame.display.setmode((WINWIDTH, WINHEIGHT)). while Truefor event in pygame.event.get() If pygame.image.getextended - test if extended image formats can be loaded returns True, you should be able to load most images( including png, jpg and gif ).The size argument is a pair of numbers representing the width and height. doc (as of 2008-06-25) for pygame.surface.Surface.getalpha: Surface. getalpha(): return intvalue or None .def generateimages(font): generate a scanline image to create scanline effect scanline pygame.Surface((glyphwidth, glyphheight), pygame.SRCALPHA) for y in range(0