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Note: The answer is specific to your question.Alternatively the parent div can be removed even without getting its id.What you want to do is to skip the jQuery and do it in pure javascript. var parent child.parentElement parent.parentElement.removeChild(parent) В данном случае вместо id нужно было использовать класс.Назад Предыдущая запись: Получить максимальный и минимальный элемент массива на javascript.Отправить POST запрос на сторонний сайт с помощью filegetcontents. Something like that, where I can reference the child node by id and set the style of it. Thanks. EDIT: Point taken with IDs needing to be unique.Linked. 0. target a div in another div javascript. -1. Use a selector to get a child element? function test(el) el.childNode["child"].style.display "none" Что-то вроде этого, где я могу ссылаться на дочерний элемент node по id иЕсли мне придется динамически создавать миллион (преувеличенных) идентификаторов div, я буду, но я бы предпочел. Любые идеи? You are at: Home » javascript get scroll of child div.div id"scrollID" style"height:100px" onscroll"myFunction()12/25 00:56 React native: Cannot add a child that doesn39t have a YogaNode or parent node. How do I get a parent div from a child element.JavaScript get parent element and write holder div for siblings.

i am trying to access an element by using an ID of one of its nested elements, using JQuery. The line break you have after

is a text node as well. Hence, parent.childNodes[0] returns the text node which consists only of a line break. If you want to get the first element node, you can either use children [MDN] (see browser compatibility), or iterate over the child nodes Get child node by index. The following Javascript code gets the reference of a div element by its id.

And then it uses the index to get its child at specific position. HTML Quiz CSS Quiz JavaScript Quiz Bootstrap Quiz jQuery Quiz PHP Quiz SQL Quiz XML Quiz.More Examples. Example. Find out how many child nodes a

element hasExample. Get the text of the third child node (index 2) of a