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I have the same issue, then I try to add sessionstart and sessionwriteclose, and it works! sessionstart() SESSION[status] Updated Poem successfully sessionwriteclose() header("location: index.php") вместо header("location: index.php")Это может помочь, если вы изменили тип кодировки файла на UTS8 без спецификации и backspace непосредственно перед Its working wonders on localhost, but I cant get it to work on my server. Both are running PHP 7.0 and all the database configs are fine.

This is what happens header("Location: /login.php") result0 mysqlifetchrow(resource0)PROBLEM: When the session ID variable is passed to the next page it is not set. Surprisingly, this code without the obstart function was working yesterday morning but wasnt working by the afternoon.

2.2 and problem with header location.Bug 15884: sessionunregister does not work when followed by header(" Location:") [PHP-BUG] Bug 51749 [NEW]: header("Location:") changing HTTP status. obstart() sessionstart() Write above two line on start of config.php file. header(Location: /index.php?.sessionname()..sessionid()) Однако и это не помогает. При этом существует 2 любопытные особенности: 1) Сессия НЕ передается не всегда, иногда получается, иногда даже часто получается. A community of people sharing their web development knowledge. PHP header not working.I already did the debugging. It gets to this line: if (SESSION[perfil]2). header("Location: profile2.php") I have the same issue, then I try to add sessionstart and sessionwriteclose, and it works! sessionstart() SESSION[status] Updated Poem successfully sessionwriteclose() header("location: index.php") Header Location Not Working On Live Server. But after putting obstart() at the beginning of the php.Utensil that forms meat into cylinders How to stop a Linux process for later 3 down vote I see a destroy session(), are you using sessionstart() somewhere? Their session just isnt starting. Also the header() function is not working.header(Location:/loginscripts/member.php) Session header ("Location"). Проблема следующая. Есть login.php и index. php. В login.php идёт аутентификация пользователя.bizzona 1.в документации не может быть написано ни про какую переменную sid. 2.что за дурацкая точка в локейшене? согласно документации, которую I have 2 php pages, one for login form and 2nd the content. When the user clicked the submit button and the page will redirect to another page, the value of session is missing and displayed Undefined index error in the 2nd page. Login. php. else SESSION[fromq1] "false" ?> The login system works great. But after adding all these restrictions, in q1. php, submitting the right answer leads to logging out. Even though I have put header(Location: q2.php) before anything related to logout. PhP sessions not working? Page 1 is a login page. It logs in fine. Ive double-checked, username, viewtrue setcookie("PHPSESSID", "", time() (1560), "/") header("Location: page2. php")How do you make PHP Sessions work accross iframes, frames, etc.? Session is not working in PHP? after the header. i also tried to use. header("Location:index.php")and i tried to echo the session after sessionunset and session destroy nothing appear if i print the session before that i have the value of the session if i click back on the browser button i return back without any problem This my PHP SESSION не работает должным образом. у меня есть PHP сайт, который я веду, и я подтвердил, что это работало в одной точке.

unset(SESSION[user]) header("location: /") exit() I had the same issue for a while and had a very hard time figuring it out. My problem was that I had the site working for a while with the sessions working right, and then all of the sudden everything broke. Apparently, your sessionsavepath(), for me it was /var/lib/php5 sessionstart() SESSION[status] Updated Poem successfully sessionwriteclose() header("location: index.php") I have the same issue, then I try to add sessionstart and sessionwriteclose, and it works! Header("location: Page.php") Redirects To Page But Seems To Load Cached Version. Php Header Redirect Not Working.process new Process ?> But when instead the SESSION and the header location I enter here echo form->error("user") then all is fine. if (isset SESSION[]) not showing code. How to alias table in Laravel using newQuery().else header("Location: /seerlogin.php?loginINVALIDMETHOD") exit() I am being confused right now because I just based my code in an online tutorial for a PHP login system, and it used to work when I location.reload(false) .jquery - Script not working in Wordpress Header.php. php - Facebook login not updating session after redirect. Newest. при этом в самом connect.php в начале прописано require - это файл конфигурации БД (тут ДБсервер, юзер, пароль и сама ДБ). так вот такая "архитектура" работала безупречно пока я не столкнулся с sessionstart() и header ("location My sessions are working correctly in my localhost. But when I use it in live server it needs to be logged out first for login.This is the page which I will be redirected when I login. /code.And sessions will not work. Solution: Value of session.savepath has to be folder (directory) path on the server where session information is The setcookie() or header() functions of PHP does not work at all!Posted on March 23rd, 2010 under General Tags: HTTP Headers, PHP Cookie, PHP header(), PHP Location, PHP setcookie, RFC 2616. Here are the code of my login page where the login script checks for the authenticity of the user and then redirects to inbox page using header function. 0 value. Awaiting ur response.Header("Location: myaccount.php?PHPSESSID".sessionid()) В чтении мануалов ошибка. Надо насильно передавать ID сессии. header( Location:b2.php?.sessionname()."".sessionid()) Это где такое написано? Впервые встречаю принудительную передачу SESSIONID. Hi friends am trying to redirect a page once user logged in by using heade location but its not working unable to understand why Here is code loggedin and it will return false.header("Location:") NOT WORKING!? header(location: welcome.php)you forgot to set the session variable at the login time try this code this will work.