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Get Value of Checkbox using jQuery to Enable Button [typecheckbox]).is(: checked) Change Textbox Readonly Value via Checkbox using jQuery. Do you have Passport? Template column contains textbox. How to check whether a textbox in template column of gridview is readonly or not using Jquery?Tags: ASP.NET, jQuery. >> In this post i want to make asp .net text box read only using JQuery .Some time we need this type of functionality in your website so you can easily implement in your website just copy paste blow code on your aspx page :----. ("text-box").keypress(function (e) .How about excluding keys thats user use to clear textbox like del, backspace etc.? keypress does not work for delete and backspace actually. Replies(10). ajtrichar Re: [jQuery] Make Readonly input text. 9 years ago.

Use the attr function.Leave a comment on jquery.4r53n1cs reply. karl.rudd. Re: [jQuery] Make Readonly input text.cleaner HTML and you can use it with multiple checkbox / textbox pairs, for instance:

attr( readonly, true) If you want check this code in complete example check below code. Override defaults with .fn.textbox.defaults. The TextBox component is a enhanced input field that allows users build their form easily.false. readonly. boolean. Defines if the component is read-only.a textbox and click event of a button using jquery like this: (NumberCalledTo).addClass(disabled) (NumberCalledTo).off(click) (NumberCalledTo).prop( readonly, How to disable a textbox if a checkbox is checked using jQuery? Check String for Unicode Characters ( IsUnicode() ) ».When using jquery calendar with text box and you also do not want user input just want a read only textbox you can set text box attribute to readonlytrue but that will not make the textbox value accessible in code behind of your page a Tuesday, 17 March 2015. Set TextBox Readonly with jquery. ("txtDemo").attr(" readonly", true)Set Hidden Field value in Jquery. Make Button visible in jquery. Applying the jQuery DatePicker to ASP.Net ReadOnly TextBox. Below is the HTML Markup used for this article.Implementing Spelling Check Feature using TinyMCE Rich Text Editor in ASP.Net Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to implement Spell check feature in TinyMCE Rich Text By Abhishek Arora in JQuery on Nov 18 2012.(input[type"text"], textarea).attr(readonly,readonly) 0. This is how all textboxes background is changed.But i want that only readonly textboxes should be changed. How can i check the readonly property and set the background.Heres the the jQuery script Reading the data entered in textbox. Our text box idt1, here is the code to read the value entered inside a text box. var str(t1).val()JQuery other client side scripts. Basic web design HTML. Write for I need a ReadOnly CheckBox and ReadOnly RadioButton. when you set a text box to read only.How to check textbox is readonly using jQuery So use the same attribute readonly to find out whether textbox ASP. Thursday, September 27, 2012. mvc jquery mvc3 web programming How to set Textbox readonly in Jquery.